Donna Spiritual Sex for Women Apex Alternative believes in the healing power of sex and for the next couple of months we will dedicate our blog on the topic of Spiritual Sex. Sex is a universal media of pleasure for both man and woman. People search peace and amusement with this activity. God or the higher creator whatever you believe in a higher power has created this and we enjoy it as blessings. Sex is not a sin and we need it to live in the society. We are human beings and we try our best to enjoy this highly addictive activity. In the past, it was seen that sex prevailed in the society for those who are married. But now, many people enjoy this before their marriage. Sex is for satisfaction of the couples. It elevates your physical, mental and emotional condition with the power of enjoyment. We have found that open sex is allowed in many countries, because it helps to eradicate your sorrows and sufferings. If you are highly depressed, then sex is recommended by the experts. Many experiments reveal that sex is the main factor between relationships and fun. Couples make fun with this process. Sexuality is not a positive expression, though it is considered as a negative sight in many societies. Sex enables to tie together a long term relationship and it is the key of successful relationships. It is seen that many of us neglect sex because of insufficient knowledge on it or for women in particular making us feel as if we are saying and doing something bad from many societal stigmas that label women. Sex is one of the vital causes of long term enjoyment. If you think that sex is only a physical event, then you will not understand the main theme of it. It is not only a physical event but also a spiritual event. One can attain amusement and satisfaction quite easily after having sex with his or her partner. It is mandatory to give priority to your partner’s satisfaction. If you can ensure it, then you and your partner will certainly enjoy this special bond. Sex has the power of tranquility. It is the fact here and that’s why you must follow these guidelines. We often hear that sex is placed against religion, but it is not true. The Bible gives a special place to sex. We can easily understand the fact from the love poem of the Bible named “The Song of Solomon”. It shows the positive potentials of having sex with your marriage partner. Actually, sex is the media of creating intimacy between a husband and wife. It helps in gaining marital maturity. Fragrance, intimate talking, privacy, commitment and affectionate touching can easily make your sexual bond unique and that is why you must maintain them while you are having sex with your life partner. Commitment is the main factor to totally enjoy sex. We can say that sex enables an individual to love and sacrifice. That’s why sexuality is often compared with spirituality. Moreover, sex helps to produce strong bonding and close relationship. Today, people are very busy and have no time to consider this. That’s why many families are breaking up regularly. You must pay attention to the sexual requirement of your life partner. Both physical and emotional requirements should be fulfilled. In ancient times, sex was an event to meet one’s physical needs but that has changed over time. It is not only confined in physical satisfaction, but also needs mental satisfaction. We even know in today’s society that sex enhances mental which means alleviates depression and anxiety and  physical that alleviates pain, diseases, and the many stresses that has risen with the fast demands of technology and social media.  Women should not feel ashamed to express their natural sexual pleasures and most importantly allow authentic conversations of about sex rather if you suffer from some sexual problem or you just want to find ways to enhance your sexual power and connection to your partner. Connection corner Orgasms are good for your health! They can lower a woman’s risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and even depression. So have sex and get happy!

  1. Renee Williams
I am now a firm believer that sexual spirituality is very real for most of my life I did not really have a real spiritual bond with my sexual partners until I met the love of my life in my mid 40’s, he healed parts of my soul that I didn’t know could be healed, I remember saying to him that I thought these passionate love sessions where just in the movies, and after being with him, I felt as if he healed me by filling missing gaps in my body, I just know that after our love sessions I felt and knew that each time I was being healed from all of the insecurities, the stresses of society, corporate, and family, so I say be open and be healed with someone that cares about you just as much as you care about yourself.]]>

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