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Triple Apex™ products with Natural Chinese herbs are made with a precise combination of botanical essence and whole plant extracts which stimulates female hormones and specific parts of the nervous system to reverse pain by enhancing tightness, increasing moisture and enabling intense orgasm. These effects result in the awakening of the natural feminine responses required for heightened sensitivity and improved relaxation that results in more intense sexual experiences.

Extensive Bioherbal research have proved Triple Apex™ products to be effective in enhanced pleasure. The best part is that the products do not have undesirable side effects.

With the Triple Apex™ brand of products, we are fulfilling our corporate mission of helping women around the world live a more pleasurable and enjoyable life.

Furthermore, Triple Apex™ is manufactured in accordance with strict FDA guidelines and every suppository is package right here in United States. Also, every single lot of Triple Apex™ is independently tested and verified for purity and for the absence of pesticides and heavy metals, like lead. So you know that when you insert Triple Apex™ suppository, just 1 suppository lasts up to 3 days, you are getting exactly what the packaging says.

Triple Apex™ is a standardized blend of 3 natural herbs used in Asian medicine to treat women for over 300 years. These ingredients are extracted and standardized, and when combined in this exclusive formula provide a powerful synergistic benefit to aid in the relief of the symptoms of menopause, making Triple Apex™ a safe, natural, and state-of-the-art modern health solution for menopausal relief without the use of hormones. Triple Apex™ is also a gluten-free supplement.

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