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Triple Apex™ products for women’s sexual health are made with a precise combination of botanical essence, natural Chinese herbs, and whole-plant extracts. As a safe and natural female labido and health supplement, Triple Apex™ aids in the relief of negative body changes women go through in all phases of her life — without the use of hormones — by stimulating specific parts of the nervous system, enhancing vaginal tightness, increasing moisture, and enabling intense orgasm. Along with acting as a natural vaginal lubrication catalyst, these effects result in the awakening of the natural feminine responses required for heightened vaginal sensitivity, simultaneously improving relaxation and physical intensity during sexual experiences.

One Triple Apex™ suppository lasts up to three days, and during that time you should feel an increase in vaginal lubrication and tightness, resulting in naturally-enhanced sexual pleasure.

Backed by extensive bioherbal research on vaginal dryness and sexual activity, Triple Apex™ products prove to enhance sexual pleasure by increasing moisture and tightening the vagina — without undesirable side effects. Triple Apex™ products consist of a blend of three natural herbs traditionally used in Asian medicine to support women’s health for over 300 years. Ingredients are standardized and combined in an exclusive formula that acts as a powerful synergistic benefit in relieving symptoms of menopause.

Triple Apex™ and future branded product lines are produced by Proactive CCRA LLC, whose corporate mission is to help women around the world live a more pleasurable and enjoyable life.

Triple Apex™ is manufactured in the United States in accordance with strict FDA guidelines, and all suppositories are gluten free. Every single batch of Triple Apex™ is independently tested and verified for purity and for the absence of pesticides and heavy metals, like lead. One serving size (one suppository) of a Triple Apex™ suppository contains active and inactive ingredients, including 300 mg of Saffron, 250 mg of sophora flavescens, 250 mg of Propolis, 300 mg of Sanguisorba root, 410 mg of colostrum, and less than 200 mg of Triple Apex’s proprietary natural formula manufactured and produced in accordance with FDA guidelines. Each container holds 12 suppositories.

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