Herodotus, the 5th-century writer, wrote compelling passages about an elusive fountain of youth hidden in ancient Libya. Legend has it that anyone who drank or bathed with its glorious waters would emerge with “flesh all glossy and sleek as if they had bathed in oil.”

The Macrobians (ancient inhabitants of the land) believed that this body of water would grant them longevity and a glowing, youthful appearance.

Countless explorers made finding the Fountain of Youth their lifetime goal and searching lands far from their home in an attempt to benefit from the mystical powers of these bodies of water. Today, we are all on a similar quest to holding onto our youth indefinitely. The Economist reports that the beauty industry makes a whopping $160-billion a year with consumers ranging from domestic to international.

Although attempting to prevent aging is tempting, the results are far from achievable. Growing old is simply out of our control and an inevitable part of life.

While the process of growing old is out of our control, the way, we view it is. To effectively remove the fear of growing old and choosing to embrace it revolves around our mindset.

View the Positives of Aging – Wisdom

Aging comes with its own set of benefits. Quite possibly, older people have acquired many experiences that taught them vital life lessons. Older ones are able to speak on pressing matters with insight and wisdom. As you grow older, likely, you will have experienced a multitude of joys and defeats that will contribute to your inner being.

Embrace the wisdom that comes along with age and apply it to your advantage. Many older people find great fulfillment in mentoring younger people who are experiencing trials.

Volunteer At a Nursing Home

Experience is often times the best teacher. When you are exposed to something unfamiliar, you are educated. This may eliminate certain prejudices or stigmas. One great way to alter your mindset towards aging is actually to spend time with older people. Nursing homes are an excellent means to accomplish this. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to speak with older ones and gain their perspective.

You may even see firsthand that growing old isn’t as bad as you initially thought. Some older people have the same mental sharpness and humor as they did as a youth.

Use this opportunity to ask them questions about their life and get their take on matters. You will soon find that old age doesn’t equate to losing your ability to think and communicate. Besides, a lot of older people have legitimate social lives! You will learn this by taking the time to gain insight into their lives.

Disregard the Myths and Focus on the Realities

There are a host of negative myths floating around about the effects of growing older. This scary disposition has made individuals fearful of a natural occurrence! A recent study conducted on the quality of life of older people versus younger individuals may enlighten your thoughts. Many believe that as you age, you begin to have a disdain towards life.

Your finances decrease, and you have no social gratification. Poor health is another dire consequence of old age that many are fearful of.

Well, the study polled individuals ranging from ages 18-65. Did you know that over 50 percent of the older individuals reported have supportive relationships, positive money management, good health, and a sense of belonging? This far outweighed the younger groups who only reported a 30-38 percent happiness rate.

This study alone crushes the view that all older people are miserable. By doing the proper research, you will find that many of the preconceived notions we may have about growing old, are merely scare tactics.

Acceptance is Key

No matter what we attempt, we currently do not have the secrets to defying aging. Many scientists and researchers spend countless hours trying to control this aspect of life.

Although there are viable strides in the health world that have lessened the effects of aging, there has yet to be found a “fountain of youth.” With that, it’s important to keep in mind the famous Reinhold Niebuhr quote, “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

We cannot control aging, but we can change our perspective. If we begin by changing our negative emotions into positive ones, we will notice our obsession subside. Through this, you will no longer feel the need to control something natural.

Your stress levels will go down, and your self-esteem will rise. Excessive worry is detrimental to our overall health. This is why maintaining a mindful disposition towards our life is imperative.

Herodotus never did find his fountain of eternal youth. Likely, the secret to possessing this everlasting youth was hidden in the natural elements surrounding him. The Macrobians took advantage of the natural elements the Earth provided for them. Perhaps their holistic and appreciative nature was the key to youth. In our day, we can take note of Herodotus’s experience and replace endless searching with in-the-moment living. By doing this, you will enjoy a more exceptional quality of life, free from fear.

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